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The Best Pet Odor Removal Roseville Residents Can Hire!

If your looking for a pet odor removal service for your Roseville home, than you’ve come to the right place.

Pets are a source of joy and companionship, but they can also be the source of some rather stubborn stains and odors on your carpets. Whether it’s a new puppy learning the ropes or an older pet with incontinence issues, pet stains can be a challenge. But fear not, pet owners! Pro Team carpet cleaning services offer a robust solution for pet stain and odor removal, ensuring your carpets remain fresh and clean.

The Challenge of Stain and Pet Odor Removal Roseville

Pet stains go beyond just creating unsightly spots on your carpets; they can also penetrate deep into the fibers, leading to persistent odors and even damage to the carpet pad and floor beneath. Over the counter cleaners just mask the problem temporarily, but for a thorough deep cleaning, our professional pet stain and odor treatment is the way to go.

Why Professional Cleaning?

At Pro Team we utilize the most advanced carpet cleaning equipment and specialized cleaning solutions that can tackle even the toughest of pet stains. The high temperature and powerful suction of our professional grade equipment can extract dirt, bacteria and allergens more effectively than any rental machine or store bought solution.

The Deep Cleaning Process

Our professional pet odor and stain removal service typically begins with an assessment of your carpet’s condition, identifying problem areas and formulating a plan to address them. The cleaning process itself may involve several steps:


Specialized pre-treatments help to break down the proteins in pet urine, making the stains easier to remove. This step is crucial for neutralizing odors as well.

Steam Cleaning

Steam cleaning (hot water extraction) is the method used by our experienced professionals. The combination of high heat and powerful cleaning agents ensures a deep clean, removing stains and odors from deep within the carpet fibers.

Odor Neutralization

In addition to cleaning, our professionals will use techniques and solutions specifically designed to neutralize pet odors, rather than simply covering them up.

The Benefits of Regular Professional Cleaning

Regular professional carpet cleaning extends the life of your carpets and maintains a healthy indoor environment. For homes with pets, it’s advisable to schedule professional cleanings more frequently to prevent the accumulation of pet dander, hair and the inevitable stains and odors they bring.

Pet owners don’t have to live with the stains and odors that come with their furry friends. Our professional carpet cleaning service is a reliable method for deep cleaning and restoring your carpets to their former glory. Not only does it deal with the immediate issue of pet stains and odors, but it also contributes to the longevity of your carpets and the overall cleanliness of your home.

For those dealing with challenging pet-related carpet woes, our professional carpet cleaning for pet stain and odor removal is the answer. Your carpets—and your nose—will thank you.

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